Visual rider appearance when joining rides

Has anyone else noticed when joining say a pacer group that riders first appear with the default orange kit, then their kit choice superimposes on top…
In my mind it would be cool if riders joining would be star trek transporter style loaded into the ride? It just feels a little clunky?

I haven’t noticed that. I’m on macOS with the metal version of Zwift.

I do notice my avatar in e-bike mode quite a lot where I am pedalling but my avatar is not.

With my wife and I riding right next to each other (IRL and on screen), I get to see a lot of the differences between your own view and what others see. The ‘not pedaling’ thing happens sometimes when joining with the initial assist–but it seems to only happen on the screen of the person joining, at least in our experience. The other person in the same bunch sees them pedaling the whole time.

Same with kit. If we do a kit-enforced group ride (e.g. Ride Scotland) and then leave the event at the end and free ride, each of us will see our avatars in our normal kit on our own screens, but we’ll see the other person still wearing the kit from the group ride when we are on each other’s screens.

A bit odd, but more just an oddity than a problem for us.

Edit: and if you end and save a ride while wearing a sprint or KQOM jersey and then go into your garage, you’ll still be wearing the sprint/KQOM jersey in your garage after the ride. And clicking on different kit from your garage doesn’t overlap the sprint/KQOM jersey. That doesn’t go away until you do another ride, or log out/log in.