Riders in group?

Hi there,
Just noticed this strange thing during my TOW stage 3! (See picture) i start the race but my HR monitor lost connection, so i go in the pairing screen. I didn‘t know this, but it seems that in pairing screen my avatar doesn‘t go on pedaling. Is this correct? Because if i go un settings or garage my avatar continues pedaling.
Second question concerning my picture… even though i ride in a group, i am the inly rider on this rider screen?! How come? Further more i am rider 304 out of 236?!:thinking:
Later on (second picture) there is another rider in the list with less km than me but 10:15 minutes faster??? How is that possible?
I may have lost a little time during that drop of connection, but 10 minutes???

Yes that is normal, Zwift stop the avatar while you are in the pairing screen.

The rider in front of you was probably late joining the event. That dropped him 10 minutes in front of you with less km.

Yeah. Was also what i could think of. But why don‘t i see anybody else in that list even though i ride with a lot of riders?