Virtual steering (was: For sometime in the future)

I really think it would be awesome somewhere in the future if there was a way to measure or some type of device that could attach to the handlebars and allow you to virtually steer your bike. I think this would then open up steam to mountain biking and putting together some courses for those who like off road. I think it is for some time in the future and until then I hope they continue to put out new courses. Thanks for all the hard work.

They are out there…years ago my dad had something that worked with our PS2 and I think CVRcade was working on something before their most recent implosion.

I used an exercise bike in a hotel gym last year (Chicago) that had a screen and steerability. It was quite fun at first, but the novelty didn’t last long.

It wasn’t running Zwift, it was the manufacturers own software I assume.

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i’m not convinced by the steering idea, but some offroad routes would be amazing, along with bikes to suit.

it could literally be the same as it is, just dusty trails rather smooth roads!