Zwift Demonstrates Mountain Biking & Steering at Eurobike

from Ray Maker:

As the flurry of announcements at Eurobike get under way, Zwift themselves has two items on the docket. The first is availability of the new Yorkshire course later today, a shorter looped replica of the real world UCI World Championship circuit that athletes will tackle in real life later this month. But the second is potentially more interesting: In-game steering of ones bike, as well as an early look at mountain biking in Zwift.

Both the steering and mountain-bike bits are shown together as part of Zwift’s ‘Future Works’ program, which the company is treating as a bit like public beta. If you’re short on time and want a quick first look at things, check out the below video where I give it a whirl, and my impressions of how well it actually works:

Or, you can continue on with the whole words and photos thing.


First up – the new functionality is not enabled yet in Zwift. While the company is demo’ing it here at Eurobike, you can’t ride it yet yourself. Though, apparently soon. It sounds like more on the order of weeks than months. Once it is lit up, the way it works is that you’ll need to be riding in Titan’s Grove. That’s the new portion of course on Watopia that features dinosaurs and terrain that does a fantastic job at causing misery for most trainers I’ve tested recently.

Within that, you’ll get what is essentially a turn prompt, not terribly unlike existing turn prompts, that will allow you to go off-road…

ughhh… now I need a stupid smart phone mount for my handle bars… and ditch the front tire block so it can move…

I saw this this morning. steering has been mentioned in Zwift from day one, in fact the original software that Jon Mayfield created had steering.

It is mentioned that you can use your phone and the Elite steering device. Is there any other devices that are supported like a game controller protocol.

I made a DIY system years ago to play need for speed on the trainer.

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I guess embedding videos doesn’t work any more. =(

That is weird, but here is a link to Zwiftinsider Zwift Announces Steering Under New FutureWorks Label | Zwift Insider

Oh look my youtube link works.


Peculiar, mine didn’t!

Edit: Oh, maybe it always did; it just shows an image in the preview.

How do we join the Future Works program?

Just ride the Titans Grove route and you should be prompted as to whether you want to try the route, I believe:

That’s what DCR says in the video, at least.

That will only work once we release the Future Works mode sometime in the future. You can’t get there with the current game build you have (yet). :slight_smile:

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Future… Is that days… Weeks… Months… Years… Or Zoon?

Aye, I figured at much. But there’s no specific separate sign-up is there?

Right, no separate sign up, it’s the normal Zwift you know and love, just with a new path to discover once we release the patch with Future Works in it. :slight_smile:


Hi Wes. Will there be a way to join Future Works?

Does anyone know where to buy a turntable. I don’t see anything on Elite’s site.

Kurt Kinetic sells a Turntable Riser Ring for the front wheel. I think there are a few more out there.

Or use a flat piece of something under the front wheel, like a slick tile or piece of flooring.

Many thanks. Have added it to my birthday list!