Mountain bikes in Zwift?

Hi all. During my last two rides, I saw two avatars standing by the road where most people spawn (one at the beginning of the titan’s grove ride, one at the beginning of the jungle ride) equipped with mountain bikes.

Is this a new feature? Or is it a hack -official or unofficial- or do you need to be level xyz for that? Anyone know?

(Sorry, just lusting after virtual kit here. Seems safer then lusting after real kit, after all)

You can go get/unlock the mountain bike up on Repack Ridge. It is part of an experimental steering feature. Yes, steering. You’ll need to put your front wheel on something that allows it to move freely along w/mounting your phone to your stem. Here is a more detailed explanation:

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Thanks a bunch!

Zwiftinsider has the wheres and hows.
It is a really fun ride once you get your steering device in the right place.
I use a phone mounted on the steerer tube stem cap. I set steering sensitivity to 25% or so.
I had as much fun getting that MTB as I have had riding solo on Zwift in a while.

Alternatively, for those without any sort of gizmo to allow their front wheel to turn while on the trainer, you can just hold your phone/tablet while on the Repack Ridge route and tilt it to achieve the steering effect. I used this with reasonable enough success to unlock the MTB. It does make things a little interesting when needing to shift (I was holding a tablet using both hands, so a phone might be easier), but still achieves the steering effect in-game.

Thanks for the tips guys! I have read/ watched zwiftinsider’s info and am contemplating getting a lazy suzy from somewhere and putting it under my bike. I tried to steer it once with my phone in hand, but was apparently to jittery for it - my avatar ended up against rocks and trees! Gonna have to re adjust that steering sensitivity I guess.

I like it that this option is also available on Zwift. If you don’t want to do this there is always the normal roads without steering feature to simply train on, but it’s there if you want it. That is cool.

What sensitivity did you use? My first attempt when it came out holding the phone was a disaster.

Hmmm. I can’t say that I remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I turned the sensitivity down to something around 25% or less so that every wiggle of my hands didn’t get translated into a turn on the course.I held my iPad horizontal and then just sort of figured out what worked from there.

Find some rubber bands or a shoe string or a small piece of rope and tie your phone to your stem. That is what I did. It worked fine as temporary solution. I used the default sensitivity.

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This is an amazing feature! But it was gone today? Couldnt get on?