Virtual shifting activation gone


I have a Zwift Hub One with virtual zwifting but I can’t activate the virtual Zwifting anymore.
On the settings page the setting for virtual shifting is gone.
Is this on another place now?
Anyway I can’t ride no linger as I can’t shift :frowning:

Many thanks for any reaction or help


Is the trainer paired for Resistance on the pairing screen, and is it paired via Bluetooth? Both are required for virtual shifting to work. If you have an ANT+ dongle in your PC you can test by removing it to make sure you’re not using ANT+.

Hi Paul,

Its not a problem of the connection, the other buttons are working fine.
The problem is to activate virtual shifting, I can’t enable it anymore in the settings.
This is a closer view on the settings, there is no longer the possibility to change it here as it was in the past.

In my settings:

What should be:

Steering is on and working but no VS :frowning:

PS; I have Zwift V 1.65 on a Windows PC

Many thanks for any help



What does the pairing screen look like? You do not have an ANT+ dongle present, right? If you pair the Play controllers via Bluetooth, but you pair the trainer for Resistance using ANT+ (or don’t pair it for Resistance) it will do exactly as you describe.

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Hi @Ronny_Vanlangendyck, Welcome to the Zwift Forums!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I appreciate you using this space to bring your concerns about the virtual shifting feature! I took a moment to review your account, and as @Paul_Southworth let you know, it seemed that you are pairing your devices a little bit differently in your last logs.

I was able to verify that you were using the ANT+ connection for power, controllable, and cadence, on the Zwift Hub on your last logs, on the other hand, in the past, you paired the controllable option via BLE, this enabled the Virtual shifting to displayed correctly with the Zwift Plays.

I encourage you to take a look at your pairing process for your next ride! Please connect the controllable option via BLE, and then let us know if the Virtual shifting is enabled once more.

Ride On.


@Ronny_Vanlangendyck just to clarify what Fernanda said, the pairing option you are looking for is called Resistance, not Controllable. They renamed it a while back. That pairing tile must be using Bluetooth. If you have any difficulty sorting it out remove the ANT+ dongle.

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Hi Fernanda & Paul,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I removed the Ant+ stick and connected via BT, and guess what, it is working now.
Many thanks for this advice, I’m happy I can ride again :slight_smile:

Case closed