Can't see virutal gears on-screen

When riding, I can’t see wht virutal gear I’m in on-screen and the virtual gears won’t change.

I have a Zwift Cog and Zwift Click.

The Click is successfully coonected and has high battery power - when I go into the tutorial and press the + and - buttons it responds and ticks the boxes.

I’m running Zwift Hub paired through ANT+ on a laptop.

Companion App is on on my phone, Bluetooth and Location are turned on.

Bluetooth on laptop is turned on.

My son rides with the same set-up on iPad - and doesn’t have this issue.

Virtual shifting requires pairing the trainer via Bluetooth

Thanks - that’s fixed it.

Although my bluetooth connection keeps dropping out which is why I use Ant+, so that’s another issue to resolve :frowning:

You have two choices for Bluetooth pairing: direct to the PC or bridged via the Companion app. Try both and see which works better.

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Same here, great when it works but keep losing the Play and trainer on BT on the laptop (probably not a great internal BT card on it). Am going to try the bridge on the app/phone and otherwise could try a second USB extension (always used one for ANT+) and getting a BT dongle nearer the trainer and the Play I guess :man_shrugging: