Virtual power should NOT show up in Strava with the lightning bolt

Happened to look a some Strava koms today. I noticed that some riders who produce prodigious virtual power while using speed/cad sensors with Zwift have their power listed with the “lightning bolt” in their Strava segments. This should not be so because it is not measured power.

I know this because I rode or spectate with said riders in Zwift recently.

Let’s not confuse real power with virtual power measurement in Zwift/Strava (like it is when riding outdoors-ie- my Strava virtual power is awesome when I have a tailwind, but you can always tell by a lack of the lightning bolt)

We’ve already been in touch with Strava about this and hope they can provide a way for us to differentiate real vs virtual. Right now the only option is for us to totally remove all power data from those riders data file which seems like a bad solution.

Trainer road files and Cycleops files do the same thing.