Incorrect Power Data

I’ve put some all-out efforts in 2 group rides:
Flanders Coffee Ride on 14 Feb 2021 (event ID: 1716485)
Flanders Coffee Ride on 17 Jan 2021 (event ID: 1521678)

On both rides, my power curve is topped. My lightning bolt is green on those rides but the .fit file is accessible because my zwift profile is public. But if I click on “View race report” the correct data shows up. Why isn’t this transferred correct to my 15s and 1 min power results? Is there any way I can change the lightning bolt color to blue by myself?

My data on Strava promises me an increased 15sec power on my Zwiftpower account. So I hope Zwiftpower will take the correct results. (Escpecially the Coffee Ride on 14 Feb) My Zwift ID: 1249910

I hope someone can help me.