Incorrect ZwiftPower power details

Hi there. Just finished a race and cannot understand why my power values are strongly underestimated.

What can I see in ZwiftPower:

What can I see in Zwift:

What can I see in Strava (finish line sprint):

So, I’ve got:

15s power 468w < 922w (ZwiftPower < Strava)
1m power 358w < 515w (ZwiftPower < Zwift)
5m power 279w < 319w (ZwiftPower < Zwift)

Max HR also looks wrong: 151 < 175 (ZwiftPower < Strava)

So, what’s the reason for such strong mismatch?

The green lightning bolt tells you the FIT file hasn’t been processed yet so it’s using low precision live data. If the activity is marked public it should update eventually and the lightning bolt will turn blue.


Paul has given you the answer. Yesterday it was taking around 3-4 hours to process all the events, possibly a bit slower this month due to all the large Tour de Zwift rides.

In respect to your HR that might change with the updated info. Be aware however that your ZwiftPower information only covers the race and not information after you cross the finish line. You may well find your HR increased quite a bit after you crossed the line as your heart court up with the effort you put into the sprint.

Ahh, thanks a lot! Finally I understand what’s the meaning of lightning bolt color :slight_smile: