Virtual Haute Route - September 2020

All categories (A, B, C, D, & E) are listed as 1 - 5 w/kg. That must be a mistake, right?

Can you post screenshot(s) or link(s) for reference.

No, last time the haute route was so popular they put on additional categories to avoid 10,000 all being in the same category and to take some pressure of the system.

You can ride at whatever pace you want. I picked a category that had fewer riders in it.

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Here’s a partial listing from ZCA:

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Thanks! I’m sure it says that somewhere. I just missed it.

Thanks for the heads up – I signed up for stage 1. I don’t see a difference in the categories, either, so used my race category (B). Maybe people will tend to congregate into their usual categories.

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Yes maybe. Last year the first stage only had 1 category. Zwift was crashing fire a lot of users so they put the additional categories on to reduce pressure on the system and other crashes. I avoided the ones that were heavily signed up too and had no issues. (I’m on Apple TV which is more stable than pcs anyway). Good luck, I loved the last hair route event… Probably the best one (and hardest!) I’ve done on zwift.