Haute Route - which category do I pick?

Hi all, I’d like to join The Haute Route Watopia 2021 events this weekend but unsure what category to pick. There are the usual A to D and then a women’s category E which is 1.0 - 5.0w. I usually ride in a mixed group C, and the A to D groups are pretty large whereas the E group sets off later and only has 11 members right now which will make for a much tougher/slower ride. Can anyone help me understand why there’s a separate women’s group? Will I still be in the women’s rankings if I ride in C group? Thanks!

The C group will probably be much larger and faster. If you want that, then pick C option.
The women’s group will probably grow larger by Friday. It is usually more ride-oriented than full on race mode…
I’m not sure what you want as to rankings. I think ZwiftPower will have all the results listed separately see Leagues/2021 Haute Route.

Looking at the C group starting list for the 6am PST (2pm GMT) event Friday morning, the top 25 participants are well beyond the C group limits with 20 minute power numbers way above 3.4w/kg. In fact there’s an A+ rider on there. This is going to make the start of the event a bloodbath with the bulk of the real C riders spat out the back of the pack at the gun.

I looked at the D group and it’s even worse with a huge number B and C riders topping the list; I’d guess 40. The B group doesn’t have near the problem; maybe 5 riders out of category.

Zwift, you gotta fix this for these kind of events. There is truly no excuse for this to still be going on here. And the Haute Route events are an essential part of the Zwift canon. I’m gonna be riding the C event and I’ll report back afterwards.