View truncated activity title in companion

How can I view a rider’s activity name in companion when it’s too long for the title area? I often see titles that run over the viewable area and end in ‘…’. However I can’t figure out how to see the complete title. Any suggestions??

Either jump into the persons activities and have a look at some of the activity photos to see if the name shows fully there (in the riders list), or, find an event they have done and note the date/time, then look them up on Zwiftpower (they may not be on it however).

Possibly a last resort is Strava - if you have multiple similar names, you can often match by profile pic.

I think John means the activity name, not the rider’s name. I’m looking for the same information. I’m on an android and I can’t see the full activity names.
Tour de Zwift Warm-…
Too Few Degrees to R…
The HERD Thunderin…
This is not the greates…
If it’s an event I can get the full name by clicking on the activity, but otherwise I can’t see the full name.

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Oh right, not sure why I didnt see that when I read it first time!

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Thanks dean. Hopefully this fix is on the developers’ to-do list. I can read the full description on the laptop/desktop version but not on companion. Not the most convenient way to do it.

Thanks Soosie! Hopefully the developers will put this on their to-do list. Ride on!!