Activity in Companion "zwifting now" permanently

Watopia Tour Stage 3 completed, but in Companion the activity is showed with the message “zwifting now”, so I can not access to activiy data. It was took in count to upgrade my level because during the stage I upgraded from level 10 to level 11. Moreover, the activity is properly showd in Strava and Garmin Connect, including data and statictics. But, in Companion there is no way to access. It seems like the activity would be blocked and remained “open” as I was riding. But the truth is the activity took place last 20th march and I completede the stage.
Could anyone help me to solve this issue.
Best regards

Hi, there was an issue yesterday with activities not showing in your activity feed.

Zwift are aware of this send looking into it.

Congrats on levelling up.

After having reinstalled Companion in my cell, everything works OK and activity apperars as it should, showing all statictics.