Companion App UX feedback

I’ve been riding a lot of “Group Rides: Tour of Watopia”, recently.

Scanning back through my activities, its impossible to tell one ride from another*.

I have a list of identical images, each with the title “Group Ride: Tour of Watop…”

Then below that a block of Rapha group rides, with the same issue…


Could the image be different for each group ride? With additional text saying ride number and category?
Could the actual route name be listed in the title before the standard Group Ride: Tour of Watop…"

This would make browsing activities more informative.


(*Apart from date, and distance.)

Are you aware you can change ride description to whatever you wish. Icon in top right hand corner.

I wasn’t, thanks.

Seems more like a manual workaround, though.

By default I think the title could be made useful!

I agree it is a manual workaround but it does allow individuals to personalise the ride description. Yes the default description could be better but I much prefer being able to set my own ride description.

AFAIK the ride description has little use in Companion App as I don’t think there is a useful search facility.

However in ZwiftPower the Activities tab does allow you to search ride description for key words (also to sort by elevation, calories, time, distance etc…) so it is key to have ability for individuals to personalise their own ride descriptions to maximise the ZP search facility.