Velodrome style races on roads

Hi - until the velodrome can be built, how about having races such as the ‘devil’ [takes the hindmost].

It would be a mass start ‘normal’ race, but after a few minutes the ‘devil’ would remove say the slowest 10 riders, until there are say 50 riders remaining, then take 1 every 10 seconds until there is 1 rider left.

Points races might work on the road too?

That will be fun BUT without proper race categories it will be a pointless race. The 10 B’s that enter the C group will always win.


Yes - it would have to be proper separate categories

I would love to have match sprints…say you both start on London’s Kilo Banner and start the sprint to the line as the pace picks up. But you need a RO to allow pick-up the timed results.

Followed by that spiral of C’s in D and then people that leave Zwift because they can never win a race at D, so whats the point!.. (I came 43rd this week in a Crit race group D, Zwift Power has me at 4th and indicates I’m a boarder line group C!!!)

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Light riders are at a big disadvantage on crits in the Zwift category system. Crit speed is a mix of raw power and W/kg (only climbs are dominated by W/kg). The bigger you are, the more capacity you have for watts. The categories are based on only W/kg though. Also categories are based on 20-minute power, and crits require exceptional 5 minute power to survive the start, and 30 second power to survive surges. So a light, endurance-oriented rider is at a huge disadvantage: by the time you’re fit enough to be competitive in the D’s, you’ll have been upgraded to C.

I’ve never heard that.

I thought just the opposite as light riders can have a better w/kg.

Not trying to argue the points, it’s just you are both making statements without anything backing it up. And neither are about specifically velodrome races.