More race types (elimination race, team sprint)

I read a lot of talk/request about Velodromes. Why the Velodrome? There is no need for easy steering etc, since it is a game. There is only one thing that is appealing in terms of the Velodrome-idea; that is the different racing formats that are held in the velodrome. 

They should just make the race rules of the velodrome available on e.g. volcano circuit. It would be great to have an omnium, an elimination race, a flying lap, time trial race, sprint, team-sprint, pursuit, TEAM-pursuit, a points race, (the snowball, point-a-lap, tempo) etc. Make the game more of a game then the training tool it is now.

And if the Zwift programmers really want to make something awesome, make a Madison. Or just go all-out with a six-day event (or a six day type event in 1 day for convenience, let’s be realistic). 

This would substantially boost the gaming experience with very little effort. Especially if you good get team-sprints and team-pursuits or team-whatever-races going would add to the social character of the game. 

PS I am aware that when I say ‘little effort’, I mean loading a substantial amount of work on busy people, but more gaming would be very much welcome in my opinion and the coast is relatively low on this one, e.g. elimination race.

Would love a points race.  Win & Out, Lose & Out all those crazy track formats would be fantastic on some of the circuits.

 Yeah, I don’t get the velodrome idea without the track events.

 A derny race would be super cool. Of course, we have them now with zwift with zpower…hehehe.

Would be nice to just have a points race. You can use existing routes for that and let people score points every lap (vulcano flat) or every 10K (hilly route) and on the final sprint double or triple points (or what ever suits the format best). So the first one to finish doesn’t have to be the winner. Would make a 60K race on the Hilly route more interesting and tactical.

Great idea. Would love to do an elimination race on a short course, maybe smaller than the volcano lap but bigger than a velodrome, and see how long I can hang on each lap before I’m out. Put a cap of say 20 people per event per category to cut down on length of each event, with multiple events being created as needed for people who sign up.