New Crit Race Circuits

I’d love to see some new Crit circuits. Nothing wrong with the existing ones, just getting a bit used to them.

And that Velodrome!! :smiley: . How’s that coming along?


probably no where but here is the feature request page for the velodrome.

Velodrome would be great but they also have to bring with it the different race formats. Elimination, points etc… Points races worked well in their PL knockout trial events (not so much the elimination part as it was very manual) but at least they are thinking about different formats so hopefully that means it’s something zwift are considering to bring in game to zwift as a full feature…before the competition does :wink:

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Without speed restrictions in corners, requiring a power boost to get back up to speed on the corner exit, turns are pretty meaningless in Zwift. It isn’t perfect by any means, but in RGT, corners are speed restricted and your power will turn red when exceeding the power needed to hit the corner speed restriction.

I hope zwift will take time for race tools development.

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The Velodromes are usually banked so much that the cornering doesn’t really matter. Maybe ascending the banking (using steering) would increase resistance… which would be cool.

I have to agree with your corners perspective aside from one small thing: The layout of corners partially dictates when you arrive back at the Start/Finish line. Shorter lap lengths do have an affect on how races play out. In the lower Cats, you can try and hitch onto a higher Cat’s peloton. You also encounter a lot more lapped cyclists. If you fall off the back you also often end up back in a group… gives you more incentive to maintain a certain pace opposed to riding around alone. Sprints and power-ups are also more frequent. To be honest I actually have no clue on how one wins the sprint jersey in a Crit.

Long routes are cool too of course! I like both.