Add a short oval course to zwift so we can have velodrome-style races

It would be fun to get a bunch of zwifters on a track and have races there.


How about starting races like that on the volcano and jungle circuit if it is popular then Zwift can look into a velodrome?

The velodrome would be much tighter than the circuit and be a different dynamic- all about drafting. I know Tacx have their own velodrome feature in their interactive training.

If you want a velodrome make sure you vote up the existing request:

I would like Gerrie’s idea of just using the volcano or jungle circuit so you at least have some elevation changes.

+1 on the velodrome idea

Imagine 500 people on a Velodrome track.  Ugh.  I tried the Velodrome a few years ago on Bkool.  Honestly did not find it that much fun.  Round and round.  I can’t even get the 25 Volcano lap award.  Just can’t do it. Round and round.  imo.

Yes, but it could be a virtual-virtual Velodrome:  you queue up to get in a race. When enough people have queued (2, 4, whatever), you are transported into your Velodrome to race. There could be an unlimited number of parallel velodrome races going simultaneously.