Criterium training - zero power "corner zones"

To more accurately mimic the power profile of criterium racing how about a 1 mile 4 or 6 corner course with “force field” delineated zero power corner zones wherein power that is applied by the zwifter is useless. This would reflect the reality of criterium racing with its short sections of no pedalling in corners. The intent would be to allow for zwift races consisting of rapidly alternating intense power on sections interspaced with mandatory power off sections.

i thought to simulate a crit race on zwift you would need a short loop with a series of short steep hills to represent the corner exit accelerations. could just be a oval circuit as the actual corners dont affect anything. Granted it would be a funky looking course but maybe you would get a similar race dynamic?

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It’s a great approach however what I’ve found is that zwift rewards downhill/ high speed efforts to such a degree that the rider doing high steady w/kg is still going to dominate an up/ down course. I’m looking to reward the rider that is able to recover quicker over a few seconds of rest than the riders around him (over and over)… which is what happens in crits.



So some sort of ANT+ dropout simulator amirite!? :smiley:

Well that wouldn’t be my first choice of descriptor :slight_smile: