Map request - crit type format

Posted this in the Zwift Facebook but putting it here.

"For map stuff I’d like to see maybe a few different routes with an option to turn or select a sub-course (space bar to turn? something like that). A crit course would be cool with a sub-60 second hill (more like 15-30 seconds), which is what I like in real life. I think a crit course in virtual would be pretty interesting. A track also, but a crit course would allow more people to ride in some reasonable realistic fashion.

Understand that I’m coming from “a weak rider who likes tactics/strategy point of view”. My 5 min efforts are abysmal, like 2.5 w/kg, so I have virtually no chance of hanging with people on hills that are even a minute long (my best is 1:25 or so on the KOM; at 5 min pace it takes me an even 2:00 to get over that hill, so literally twice as slow as the fast riders).

With a shorter, less fitness oriented course (available maybe as a turn off from a main course) then it would allow riders like me to participate in group rides/races.

For comparison sake it took me a solid 2:45 to do 12 laps the other night. I was going easy at times, sure, but I also did some big efforts."

I like the idea of having different paths to choose from while you ride.

Ex: You can choose to do the big 40Km loop by pressing left on your keyboard when you arrive at the intersection or continue forward for the standard 5K loop.

Having crits that are led by a ghost rider at certain w/kg is a great idea … It effectively will be Zwift Cat Racing …