Addition of a Velodrome

Hi Zwift
I really enjoy racing and organised group rides. Just a thought for future map development what about the addition of a velodrome (maybe London?) to end a race or ride in on the track just like TDF stages in the 60/70’s?

Please vote up the existing request:

I see requests for a velodrome in Zwift with some frequency and, to be honest, I don’t get it. Something, as described above, to be used as a finishing area for a longer race sort of makes sense (a la Paris-Roubaix) but still seems pretty limited and would seemingly be just more visual than anything. And the requests for actual velodrome racing, if that ever happens, just seems like it would fill up the forum with ‘he cheated and changed gears’ posts, since most folks are likely riding standard bicycles. Am I missing something in the while idea of having a Zwiftodrome?