UTF-8 letters in chat - For non English languages. Please

Yes; when I name my rides at the end of each I do so through the companion app and can use non-English letters, which will not show up the dialouge box on the PC client but will then show up on Zwift’s website and on Strava. This appears to be a display issue on the PC client.

Still not fixed. Very bad user experience for all non-English communication. Makes companion app chat almost worthless for other languages than English. PLEASE FIX THIS ANNOYING BUG.


You are already seeing the other languages, just without the correct characters like åäö :wink: It’s not like people switch to English just because there special characters aren’t there. The characters support (keyboard and fonts) should come from the client OS anyhow

Whats the status on this?
Noticed today on a ride with friends that ä and ö is working but not å.

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And it should be even less of a problem since their client-server protocol is probably binary

Not all Turkish characters are showing up either. My name is Güvenç Şişman. The first name shows up ok but not the “ş”. So my last name on the Zwift app shows up as “iman”. It does show up right in the Zwift Companion but not the Zwift app on my iPhone or Apple TV.

This was posted in December 2018 and is still an issue. I still can’t write my last name with Þ since the client doesn’t support it.

This is still an issue! Noticed that today :unamused: