Using Zwift for an inside charity ride

There are some kids in my village riding the distance to Wembley for charity. I’ve offered up my turbo and zwift account but I wondered how best to go about riding the distance (in 1/2 hour or hour segments - they are young). Any thoughts? I was wondering about the ‘just ride’ or maybe setting up a group ride somehow if we can find another trainer.

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated


What’s the distance they are riding?

They’re notionally riding from here (nr Bristol) to Wembley Stadium - its 111 miles there. Not sure if they intend to ‘come back’ as well but there’s 4 of them and 12 hours. I have warned that a 2 hour stretch on a turbo for a non-cyclist will be, how shall we say, hard on the ar%e. I suggested half hour stints

The PRL full route is perfect. It’s bang on the right distance and each person could do a lap.

So with 4 people it’s 3 laps a piece. Reasonable time in the saddle & a good break off it. They all experience the same route so nobody gets it easier than anyone else.

Plus you’ll get the route badge if you haven’t already. :wink:


Great - I’ll have a look. Cheers Tim