Real-life route to a Zwift - total newbie - charity ride panic

Sorry to be a numpty. :upside_down_face:

I’m supposed to be doing a charity ride this Sunday but now cant go more than 1km from home due to lock down.

I’ve created the route I was going to ride (150km - first time anywhere near that length) in Strava and converted it to a Zwift workour using whatsonzwift.

This at least gives me a route to ride but its created 431 stress points. I’m very much a novice so will do my own pace.

However, at the moment it says it will take 7hrs and 39mins - if I go faster than the workout is expecting does anyone know if i will still ride for 7hrs and 39mins or if it will just go on the distance - probably a stupid question but bit last minute panic and i’m very new to zwift.

I presume there is no way of doing this with ‘just ride’ rather than workout?

Am i missing something.

Thanks for anyhelp.


Hi @Paul_Golding

You wont be able to go faster because you will be in ERG/workout mode. That is to practice for an event.

Your speed will still be determined by the route you pick on Zwift.

I would say the better option is to pic a similar route in Zwift .

hi Gerrie

Aghh ok, thats a pain as I wouldn’t to do the specific route as visiting cemeteries and war memorials for remembrance sunday.

Thank you for replying

I’d suggest targeting something like three circuits of Dust in the Wind instead. Big Foot Hills is also very good for this purpose IMO due to the sheer variety, though the distance doesn’t work out quite as well for your 150km. The thing to remember is not to make any manual turns, on purpose or by accident.

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Hi Dave

Ok thanks - I will look at that.

Appreciate the response.