Using a rower, for complete in-game triathlon training without a pool - possible?

Like many other athletes, triathletes find rowing is a good way of building swim fitness, as the rower works both the lower and upper major muscles of the body. When a body of water is unavailable, i find a rower suffices. Typically in season i can only swim once a week, so rely on a rowing machine at my local gym to maintain some swimming strength.

Interestingly a common rowing test distance is 2000m, similar to a 70.3 swim distance. Although, there is no comparable effort between swimming and rowing, Zwift could appeal to both rowers, swimmers and kayakers. i’m sure a a rower/kayaker wouldn’t mind using a swim avatar or a swimmer using a rowing/kayak avatar over a 2000/3000m lake.

From reading other parts of the Zwift forums, the connectivity and power metrics from popular rowing machines, such as the Concept 2, is not too difficult to achieve. And there are people already rowing using their bike avatar.

I’ve gone to the rowing feature request pages and up voted these feature requests, as i believe it is a good option for having a complete triathlon based training on Zwift. This would also boost use of triathlon plans and may give support for more plans and a commitment by Zwift to promote and have further market penetration of their Tri academy. Not to mention, a lot of cyclists would also benefit from rowing.

I already run and ride on Zwift and i’m considering buying a rowing machine to complete my indoor experience. However, before making this investment, i’d be interested in seeing if Zwift has any partnerships with rowing equipment brands.

What does everyone think? i’d be interested in hearing from people who have rowers or have an opinion on how Zwift can make best use of rowers in-game. Personally, i feel tick-toc is a great place for a full triathlon setup with a transition, lake, bike TT and run path - it could be Zwift’s very own Tri academy for us age groupers who can’t make Zwift’s AG grade IRL.



I for one have been waiting for rowing support for a few years. In fact, I first heard of Zwift from the Concept 2 forums. Good thing I’m very patient.