Rowing AND swimming AND kayaking

  • Concept 2 model D can use this Concept2 to Zwift (be sure to modify the file to stop the power and cadence multiplication)
  • Vasa do a swim trainer which transmits ANT+ bike power
  • Vasa also do a kayak trainer that does the same

This means that one water course would cater for 3 different sports. Although swimming and kayaking would be a smaller market, rowing would be huge and together they would generate huge interest especially as swimming would complete Zwift’s triathlon aims.

The courses would only need one side to be rendered in full detail i.e. the coast of Watopia. The sea would be easy - have a few dolphins, manta ray, etc show themselves. Have a shark or two! Maybe a shark chasing the athlete! When the course is coming to an end have the athlete swim or row round one of the smaller islands.

At least bring us a 5 k course please!

Make sure you vote up the main existing request for Rowing an Skiing also: Zwift Rowing and Skiing

I can see rowing/kayak being implemented, but swimming not so much. Indoor swimming is just a niche area and the way you have to do the training makes watching an avatar on screen next to impossible (and ill-advised for technique).

I have already upvoted that one too. With the swim trainers a tablet or slim laptop can be mounted perfectly in line with normal head position, but as it is so niche I would only expect third person view, so the swimmer would just be in place of the boat like
a different bike (unfortunately no first person view down in the water) - that way there would be no change in the courses for rowing and it would just slot in. I do agree rowing is where the numbers are, more than people think I reckon.