Triathlon Arena Games

Just curious what people thought of the Swim, Zwift Bike, Zwift Run Tri Event?
Would you watch a similar event with Zwift Rowing instead of swimming?
Is this the future of Winter Tri?
Here’s the full video: SLT Arena Tri Games

I could definitely get into row/bike/run zwifting. Swim part less so.

I would opt for using a Vasa SwimErg instead of a pool swim.

It does seem nasty jumping on the bike straight from the pool dripping wet.

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Just put myself on the waiting list for the concept 2. 7 to 9 weeks before shipping. I guess now I’m not in such a hurry for rowing launching into zwift :slightly_frowning_face:

:slight_smile: if you’ve done it a few times it’s not that bad! Personally for me:) I’ve done a lot of triathlons I mean yeah it feels weird but it helps dry you out right?

I would get involved in row, bike, run yes. Already do all three on Zwift anyway - but would much prefer to have proper rowing as we have been expecting for quite some time now.

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