Using a mouse...

(Rod Olliver) #1

Hey Zwifters,

Managed to get my keyboard sort of attached using a tacx tablet holder, but has anyone have luck with using a mouse while riding?

I have problems keeping it at all steady, trying to time a click with my cadence and then it jumps somewhere else.  Feels like I’m at a shooting range.

Anyone find a good setup?  

* Where to put it

* particular mouse settings

* hardware

I still don’t know how people can type decently - mobile app apparently, but I certainly can’t get a sentence in when at pace.



(Stef Levolger) #2

The solution to end all your first world indoor cycling problems has recently been reviewer by Ray:

I’d probably guess there’s nothing better on the market than the kickr desk right now, although the price tag is a bit iffy for a glorified desk :-).

(Rod Olliver) #3

Lol - yes, that looks interesting - it’s like a bed tray for your bike.