Tip - New keyboard

I am not sure other peoples setup, but my computer and keyboard are off in the corner of my pain cave. So I start up the game then jump on the bike and get riding.

But I bought a new keyboard last week and it works great for Zwift - Favi mini bluetooth keyboard $20 -http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UE52ME/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
It is the size of an iphone. So I now can easily tuck it in my jersey, then when I want to play around with the camera angles, it is a great size to use one handed and still be able to ride. You can easily hit the number keys and switch the cameras. It is fun to watch someone come up on from behind or when you pass someone, flip the camera to watch them fade away in your dust.
The battery charge has lasted all week no problem. Then you just use a micro usb to recharge it.
I just found it really handy and wanted to pass it along.

I’ve been using this guy here:

I’m terrible at small keyboards and breaking things mostly breaking things lol.

I keep it on an instrument tray with my phone, fan control, bottles and food.

100%. We use the one with Zwifty colors.

+1 on the Logitech that Allen posted the link to. I picked up one very similar to this when I got a new computer to run Zwift on last week. Works great and has nice range.

Just bought me a Zwifty one…

other option is use a remote desktop app as a keyboard? then you could use your phone to control your computer / laptop keyboard (don’t do full screen mirroring or it will lag to hell) : )

Scott B. you should get a kick-back from Amazon, thanks, and it works really well, even with my big fingers.