PC set up and monitor operation?

I’ve been using Zwift on my old laptop for some time now and think it might be time for an upgrade to a gaming-type PC however how do I operate the program? Do I also need a touch monitor? Or do I still have to use a mouse and keyboard?
Many thanks

You can get a keyboard with a mousepad/trackpad. Some very compact models are available. Once riding it’s probably easier to just use the Zwift Companion.

I use one of these.


Excellent. Many thanks.

If you need some advice on what to buy, budget etc… Just ask, loads of us been through this & depending on your laptop you’ll be moving towards ultra profile with 4k quality graphics

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Look for the app remote mouse in your play store, free version works perfectly well for me.

I have used these in the past and prefer the track ball.

I changed to a full size kb and trackball mouse because I do a lot of typing during long rides (

Mostly answering forum questions)

This might also work:

Problem is if your hands get sweaty during the ride - that might shorten its life.

Mainly I just don’t bother with the keyboard on rides. If I need to type I use companion app (assuming it doesn’t drop out).

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I use this also. Perfect for the end of activity to save your ride etc…

why are people wanting to spend money - my solution is free - may as well give it a go? if it doesn’t suit you no harm done!


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For me I don’t want to risk sweaty hands on my expensive phone when a £5 keyboard/mouse combo will do.

Having just had to have a new screen on my phone i know which is cheaper.

Does that app allow you to run ZCA as well as the mouse simulator? If not we’re entering two devices territory.

Great little app all the same.

You say you don’t want sweaty hands on a phone but also want to use the companion app? And not sure sweaty hands on an easily wipable glass screen is going to do much damage (I’ve not had any issues in 6+ years of zwift)

I use both on the same device, it is very rare (if ever?) you need to use both at once and the companion app is always in the notifications so very easy to switch back to.

I’m not someone who types while riding and for navigating the menus, loading workouts, clicking okay etc I find it much easier than trying to use a physical mouse while pedalling.