User Interface More Friendly & Feature requests

OK, so here are my gripes and suggestions…

  1. Please could you make it so the Menu, Badges and settings could be available at any point, from the moment you get the pairing screen until the very end. Its really frustrating to have to pair, start a game, see what badges and routes ive not done, then quit and start again.
  2. On each route, from the selection screen, could you display if you have done it before (and stats) or not. Then you know if you need to finish it.
  3. When riding a route, show how long is left until the end, and an approx eta in real time.
  4. When you finish riding, be able to go back to the stats screen from your last work out.
  5. From the end screen where you can select your screenshot , bin or upload the ride, allow you to access settings or select another route.
  6. Allow you to send a challenge to a friend, ie… complete volcanoes badge in under 20mins or just send them the challenge after you complete it, then they get a notification to accept or schedule the challenge.

IM using zwift on a Windows PC.
Thanks so much