User Interface - change on the fly?

Hi - I’m new to Zwift and using an old Computrainer. I rode a 10km ride last night with some hills and it was really hard to find the grade and it was not showing me how many kms I have left to ride. Can you toggle through different screens? The map is interesting and shows grade of the whole course. Also because it is a map with all kinds of other courses and riders riding different routes it was really hard to find the end. Please let me know if there is a simple fix for this or some really good reference videos. I find it difficult to find because there are so many out there. Thanks.

Regards Peter.

Hi @Peter_Shupe

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No you can’t toggle screens. The top right of the scree has the profile.
It will be nice if there was a screen with the map and profile.

You can look at these links to get a overview of the route.

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Thanks Gerrie - Does it show you how many kms to the end of the ride? I have noticed there is a polkadot banner for the end of the climb but only if it is within view. It would be motivating to see how far these milestones were away.

Regards Peter.

No there is no metric to show how far you have to go. Best is to pick a route remember the distance and subtract. LOL

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You can create a meetup on Companion App and pick a route then it should show distance remaining on the top when you join your meetup. That’s the only workaround I have. Otherwise look on Zwiftinsider for the route profile beforehand so you have the elevation profile and distances.

Every route has a “lead-in” that varies in length from 1 - 5 miles which is not included in the distance remaining in meetups.

Seems a little silly to not have a “miles to go” graphic. Back about 10yrs ago I used Tacx trainer software and it was great. You could toggle between 3 or 4 different screen layouts. Maximizing and minimizing surroundings vs zoomed in maps vs all kinds of metrics. One whole screen was metrics - like distance traveled, distance to go, distance left on climb, mph, avg mph, heart rate, power, etc etc. I’ve only done one ride on Zwift so far, so I’ll do a bunch more while I’m still in the trial version.


Regards Peter.