Course distance indicator

it would be nice to have distance ridden/remaining displayed when simply selecting and riding a predetermined course. I know it exists for races and for the tour of fire and ice route.  Why not for any time any course is selected?

This is one of the best Rouvy features.  It really helps me make it to the end on long days.

Great suggestion. This in conjunction with the ability to add routes together to create different predetermined courses would be the perfect addition.

I guess one problem is that outside of events you’re free to deviate from the route you selected at the start. So if you make a turn other than the default, Zwift then has no idea where you might decide to go and the distance remaining becomes useless. 

I think if you change your route in the middle, of course you should expect the distance remaining to get messed up.  Almost always, I ride a course based on what I want to do that day.   I’ve been using BigringVR lately, and it also has this feature.  It’s nice to know how far until the end.

If you deviate from the selected course the distance to go could just say N/A its not rocket science.  This feature would be really good - its nice to see whats left.