Which course did I just select?

Situation:  After I logged into Zwift and then selected what course I would like to ride.  Then having commenced the ride and after a period of time and effort, I have forgotten which course I selected and how long it is or how further I have to go.  (short term memory problem but really too excited to start cycling and get going)

What I’d like to see is that somewhere on the screen whilst riding, the name of the course I’d chosen to ride and its distance.  I can then calculate how far and adjust my output effort accordingly.


It’s Richmond day today so you where on that course, if you upload the ride to Strava ( it’s free) you will get all the info you are looking for. You can see some data on https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp the site will be improving in the future.

I think he means real time data

I’d also like to see a better idea of how far I have to go and a better profile of the route im on.

I now have information available on my iPhone, but its just a duplicate of that on my main screen. why not extra ride information?


I have the exact same memory issue!  It would really help to show how far left to go for a particular route in the UI, and for the segments/KOMs displayed en-route to be related to the route.  Particularly good if you’re doing a new route for the first time - I did Three Sisters at the weekend and towards the end I really wasn’t sure whether I’d completed it or not. 

Even if you several of the  “published” routes, there are no splits or even a time when you cross the “finish” line. ie big loop. jungle loop…

An average speed and eta both for distance and time or the whole course selected. would also be good.

I get an eta time when I get closer to the KOM and sprint, why not for the whole course selected?

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