User Customisation Screen and Challenge Window Problems

(Paul McCombes) #1

This seems to take around 2-3 minutes to change a jersey (I’ve tried it on three separate computers but no real difference). It also includes a period of “Not responding” as well. Is this delay normal?

Currently doing the Everest Challenge - on the "End of Ride Screen I see
So no percentage bars etc. I’ve tried changing the game resolution, but the view does not change



(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Paul - 

It definitely isn’t normal for a jersey change to take that long to save. It sounds like maybe you are on a weak network connection, which could impact the amount of time it takes for those changes to be communicated to our server. Can you please open a support ticket for this issue? It would be very helpful if you include a log file from one of the rides where you have observed this issue occurring.

As far as the challenge screen, we no longer display the completion percentage overlay on the Pause screen window, but if you click on your challenge, the percentage is still displayed on the main challenge screen.

I hope this helped! Ride on!