Customize bike/rider from web dashboard

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #1

Would like to be able to change the jersey etc on the web in advance without having to wait until my computer is within range of my bike. (Just did my first few rides and had a lot of fun and elevated heart rate practicing drafting and playing around!)

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #2

OK, so just figured out you can’t configure your bike/jersey etc until the end of a ride rather than at the beginning…definitely need it at the beginning or we’ll all be doing 2 second rides so they can end before we change that stuff to ride (I see the group rides are saying “let’s all wear green for the ride” etc).

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #3

Press Esc after login and you can sit at the side of the road and watch the world go by. I’d try not to make a habit of this as at the moment your rider will show up (and clog up) the rider list

You can also press T at any time to change your kit setup

(Robert Saunders) #4

Adding a vote to echo OP.  Rider customization should be something that can be done outside an actual ride.  Frankly, it makes sense to remove it from the ride altogether and not allow people to stop on the side of the road to customize.

(Chris MacMahon) #5

Should be able to customize bike and jersey from the dashboard.  That way I can do it in advance of the ride (from work).  I am usually rushing to meet the start time and therefore don’t have time to mess around with set up. That could be why so many people on an organized ride are not wearing the right jersey.


(Joyce Landers RO4H) #6

I see these posts are a year old and it seems the same problem exists. As points are earned in rides and customizations unlocked I’d like to look at what those are after I’m done with a ride. As it is now, I have to log back into a ride to look. When I do this, this falsely alerts any followers I have that I am riding but I am only on to customize. Feels wrong to get “ride ons” for sitting on side of road customizing.