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Looking to buy a used laptop but wanted to get a second opinion before pulling the trigger. I do not know much about computers but I tried my best to compare the specs of the laptop with the Zwift Best requirements. Based on the specs below, does this laptop fit in the Best category? It will be connected to a 42in screen via HDMI. Will it display Zwift in 4K? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Dell G7 Gaming Laptop 15.6" Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz,16gb Ram , Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

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@K_Hicks if you are on facebook, search groups for Dave’s page “ZPCMR” where he has all sorts of resources to help answer your questions.

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Kevin Hicks

from my limited knowledge, looks like you should be able to get the Ultra graphics profile with that video card. Do you know what type of hard drive it uses, SSD is the faster type so you want to make sure it has that.

Depending on the screen you are using, you should get a good experience with nice graphics. If the screen is limited to 60hz then you will not get over 60fps as far as I know. I use an old TV as a screen and it is fine for me, but doesn’t go over 60fps.

It has 128SSD and 1TB Hard drive. I am assuming I can install Zwift on the SSD which will give me a better performance relatively speaking. I will check my TV but is 60fps the same as 4K?

again, limited knowledge on my part, but 4K is the resolution and has nothing to do with fps (frames per second) which I believe is more a function of the video card’s power. The TV you use needs to be 4K compatible too, not just any TV will display in 4K.

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The laptop will get Ultra profile, and will be broadly strong enough for 60fps on the 4K resolution in solo rides - but bear in mind mobile GPUs are always weaker than their desktop counterparts with the same model name. You can run any resolution on any display, Zwift in 4K still looks better on a 1080p screen, though going one resolution setting up is usually good enough.

With that said, there are very few situations where I’d recommend buying a laptop for Zwift, especially if all you’re going to do is plug it into an external display. There are too many drawbacks and value for money is usually terrible. So it totally depends on how much this is going to cost.

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Thanks Mike and Dave. Based on your responses, I think I will go in a different direction. The laptop would have been solely for running Zwift. From reading The Essentials on the ZPCMR Facebook group, there are better options for my particular situation. Thanks again for the advice from both of you.


No bother, just bear in mind the prices for the graphics cards mentioned in the Essentials are daft right now so have a read of the graphics card recommendations guide for some older models that you could grab used for a more sensible price.