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Trying to understand what to prioritize when I decide which laptop to buy. I have read a lot of threads here and a lot of benchmark tests at Zwiftalizer but I’m still confused :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a laptop and nothing else. Probably a 15.6 inch screen and RTX 3060 laptop GPU.
There are two computers that I’m interested of, Lenovo ThinkBook 16p g2 and HP Victus 16

The biggest difference is the screen and it’s on that point I need advice. The Levono screen spec is 1440p and 60Hz while the HP screen spec is 1080p and 144Hz.

To the issue, will I notice the difference between 1440p and 1080p on a 15.6 inch screen?
Will the RTX 3060 laptop GPU perform better than 60fps so I will notice the game motion difference with 144Hz?
Can also add the information that I never do free rides, just crowdy events.

Best Regards Jonas

Why a laptop. That is a lot of $$$.

Do you really need 60fps and ultra resolution on a tiny screen like that?

Because I need a laptop for other purposes than Zwifting and I also want it mobile.

Even if it’s a “small” screen I still want the game motion to be smooth right and then it’s better with higher FPS?!

you’ll never get a laptop to be smooth in those circumstances on all worlds.

I used A 15.6 laptop and Chromecast to send zwift to my tv, never have any problems

How does the chromecast handle it?
i’ve got one and whenever i try and use it (admittedly screen mirroring from my phone) the frame rates are awful and it is really juddery

By saying that, no need for more than 60Hz?

i would go for the higher resolution screen. i wouldn’t zwift on a laptop either though since you can build a PC that will do ultra at 60+ fps for dirt cheap and still have enough change for a good general use laptop, but that’s just my personal opinion.

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don’t forget that the laptop versions of chips are usually slower than the desktop versions. you can see some benchmark rankings here:

you can probably plug the laptop into a bigger tv, too, if your screen is small.

I wouldn’t stress on the 60hz, it’s what my TV does connected to a desktop Mac (in hdr). But if I was using the laptop for more than Zwift then the 1440P would be welcome.

Also worth looking at the rest like keyboard quality and user reviews.

That said, I don’t recommend laptops for Zwift - desktop would be more practical.

If running Zwift is your primary gaming purpose, using 144Hz will probably just eat a lot of power for no gain.

No problem with it, handles it nicely

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I use a laptop for the same reason you do.
Frame rate is low and I just get basic graphics.
It is all I have known so I don’t miss the better stuff.
I would not worry about screen size because it will be abysmal no matter what.
I use a HDMI cord to a 32 in TV.

A cheap dedicated PC is better.

I have a Lenovo Legion 5 with 10750H and 1660Ti/144hz and it does quite well. I output to a 1080p 60hz tv and get 60fps in most areas. Zwift is set for 1440. Makuri can slow to 40 in larger pacerbot sessions but is still fine. I have not seen any stuttering, smearing or other issues.

The laptop is noticeably better than an i7-7700 with 1050Ti output to the same tv.

You do not mention the CPU but recommend i7. The 3060 is fine.

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Hi again,

Just an update of my issue. Now I have ordered a laptop. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 16IAH7

  • CPU i5-12500H
  • GPU RTX 3050
  • Display 165Hz, 350nits, 1920x1200, 100%sRGB, AMD FreeSync
  • Price $850

Now with the summer just around the corner I have paused my Zwift membership so I can’t give any feedback within a couple of months but once I have reactivated my account then I will publish some Zwiftalizer data here.

BR Jonas

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If you want to try it, you get 25km per month free without reactivating your account

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Thanks for the advice, I guess I’m to curiuos to stay of the trainer then. Once I received the laptop and there’s a rainy day then I will do a test :slight_smile:

Do an Apple TV?

Update 2023-05-17

I have now tested my laptop, se data below,

It was a race in New York with 39 riders in total.

BR Jonas


That would be my suggestion. The Legion is a ‘gaming notebook’, and has a discrete video system and dedicated memory. Using planar graphics means slow, slow memory, shared memory, BIG COMPROMISES.

Meaning Legion, or other ‘gaming notebook’. If you’ve got a sizable amount of money into a trainer/bike, or smart bike, why go cheap and suffer with something that can’t run Zwift well, or possibly much longer in the future?