Use mixed case for turn direction labels

Comparing these:


I noticed that the direction labels in Makuri Islands were all in upper case, while Watopia’s are mixed case.

While I haven’t done extensive research into how they vary across all worlds, I suggest updating them all to be mixed case.

This is more consistent, but more to the point mixed case is generally better from an accessibility standpoint. Particularly some people with dyslexia may find it easier to read text that has all the “ups and downs” or normal letters, compared to the uniform height of block capital letters.

Plus, aesthetically I think it looks better.

Also correct the spelling of Harbour :smiley:


Depends where you live in the world, both are correct

Site has goofy editing properties

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Right–it should be 'arbour, shouldn’t it?

Can they elevate the turn boxes above the name tags? How are we suppose to see when the turn boxes overlapped them.

Further to this, I noticed that elsewhere on Makuri Islands the directions are mixed case, for instance on the Yumezi section.


It seems to be the decision of whoever typed the text into the editor, but some design guidelines could be introduced to say “Always use title case for turn directions”.