Updates at the end not the beginning

Maybe consider prompting for updates at the end of a workout. I get so tired of waiting to start my ride every time there’s an update needed (far too often imo). couldn’t updates happen at the end of a workout, during cool-down, or as the app is closing. today’s update even lost my autofill sign -in, so i just closed out and did a workout on another platform that doesn’t waste my time.

Hi David. Game updates usually take place once a month, with the exception of smaller bug fix patches of which there may be one or two. Even the largest of updates should take no more than a few minutes to install. If it’s taking longer than that, one or more of your internet, storage or CPU is slowing you down. For most people it’s the storage, which can usually be addressed by upgrading to an SSD for under £25. It’s worth looking into this.


same experience from my side. absolutely unacceptable performance of these recent multiple updates. needed now nearly one hour to get the app running again (reinstalled; updated)

As Dave says if you’re experiencing significant time delays for updates then chances are it’s an issue with your setup. Updates should take a matter of a few minutes.

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