Boring Updates

I’ve lost many planned races because many times at month the software do not start until next update. (every update need about 20minutes in my Country = Italy, but sometimes the update need a double dowload because it freeze at finish…)
This is bad because your software is very good and very stable (no crash in my pc after beta-testing phase).

Please consider to make only one update at month or… backgroud updates (optional for have missions etc…)

Hi Lucio, we will hopefully allow for delayed updates later this year on Windows or Mac.  On iOS we already allow for this.

What I did notice is that I can see you’re on a very old version of our update software. If you grab the latest Zwift installer from our homepage and install it, it will upgrade the installer to a version that fixes the hang at the end you mention.  Should be much smoother for you going forward, no need for the double download.  A link to the latest downloader is here:   This should be a small download - it is just the updater, not the full game.

I hope soon we can deliver the feature you’re asking for - I think it will be good for everybody.