Update or create new PRL courses for London?

Now that we’ve got more of the Surrey Hills available in game, any chance of adding a new Prudential RideLondon course (or changing the existing ones) to reflect more accurately the ride it’s named after, rather than just it being endless laps of Box Hill? After all, Zwift is the Official Training Partner to the ride…

I’ve drawn up my own provisional course that’s about 51 miles that I think is a fair reflection, remembering that apart from Leith Hill, Box Hill and Newlands Corner (for which I’m using Fox Hill as a stand-in), most of the rest of the real-life course is fairly flat, so I’m having to use a few laps of the Harrods loop and the recent Deer Park road add-on to simulate those bits (anyone interested in my route, let me know and I’ll try to describe it best I can).

Hi Steven

Just adding a couple of references to open requests for a new London shorter loop with the Richmond Park / Deer route after the 01/18 update.




Those course requests you’ve highlighted above are interesting and I certainly think they should be added to the list, but what I was after was something a bit longer (40+ miles) and with variety in terms of terrain, not just laps of the same thing over and over again - which is the problem with the PRL courses Zwift currently provide.