London prudential course

(Kieran Challis PRL 100) #1

When is the new course planned to come out

(Stan Yeatts) #2

The Zwift team has not mentioned any release date, but the “Real” Ride London event happens at the end of July, so if the “Virtual” event (a.k.a. new course) is going to be opened up to have Zwift rides lithographed with the physical rides, then the new course has to be released before the end of July… Here is the “Ride London” link:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

I suppose “when it’s done” is the best answer I can give but also “soon.” :slight_smile: No hard-and-fast dates yet.

(Mark Duncombe) #4

spoken like a true software developer :slight_smile:

(David Coyle) #5

Desperately need new courses.

Proper bored with the current ones

(Jo Carver FOXY MOXY) #6

I’d like to know this too. I was sort of hoping to have had a few days to plan a Leith hill strategy before the day. I first attempted one of Leiths routes about 5 years ago. Whilst it’s not the hardest hill I’ve climbed, it is a psychological block for me. Even a few days before 30/7 would be great…?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Answer hasn’t changed, unfortunately. Can’t let it go half-baked!

(R estless Leg Syndrome) #8

Good things are worth waiting for!

(Ryan Miller) #9

Signed up today (my extended free trial ended) expecting to find the new London course. I’m doing the PruRideLondon next week and was excited about getting a recce run. Anyone got info on release? Surely a week out from the event it should be good to go?

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #10

You do realise it won’t be the full Pru course?

(Ryan Miller) #11

Yep, but it will break the monotony of the usual and surely have some of the route?

(Stan Yeatts) #12

Ryan:  Zwift HQ has said (as Geofffrey noted) that their re-creation will not be the full course, but that it will contain the iconic sections of the PRL course. So we are expecting to see some of downtown; some of the parks, and likely Leith & Box hill. 

Best of luck with the PRL. And, in the meantime you can preview the entire course (if you have not seen it) on YouTube. All the videos are not great, but the best (full course) video is by a guy who goes by ‘bigblokeonbike’. Just go to You Tube and search on ‘Prudential Ride London 100 2015 Whole Ride’.  Cheers…

(P Kellett) #13

I don’t think the new course will be here in time to be of any use for the 2016 Ride London. But it should be here for people to have a play with before the 2017 event.

Even if it comes out before sunday, most people will be tapering now so won’t be hammering Zwift with any real intent, so from that perspective it won’t be of any use for 2016. For that it needed to have been out at least a month ago.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #14

I take it you’ve seen this?

(P Kellett) #15

As i expected, it’s a nice, new course, but nothing like the Prudential Ride London route. You couldn’t use this to practice on for the event but it’s nice to have another route anyway.