Calendar request: RideLondon 15/16 August

Not sure if this is best place to post this, but I have a request. As RideLondon 2020 has now understandably been cancelled it would be great if the calendar could have London as an active world on the weekend of 15th/16th August when this event would have taken place.
I’d been planning on doing some fundraising at the real event, and I guess I might not the be the only person thinking about trying to take it indoors.
Would be great to be able to do a virtual PRL Full to replicate the real event without having to world hack.

Good idea.

Also, if it isn’t available it’s always available as a meetup location.

@shooj is there a chance you could ask the world master about this?

I’m planning on the ZHR Audax that day to have two options as the PRL Full and PRL Half, on that Sunday at 0815 UTC (9.15am in the UK) and again at 1500 UTC (4pm in UK, 10am East Coast US)

I’ve just gone public with it, even though it’s still a long way out. Three separate courses, similar to the events themselves:

Group A: The PRL Full route, 173km
Group B: The PRL Half route, 69km
Group C: The (flatter) London Pretzel route, 55km

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Not sure if I’m missing something but on the companion app it looks like the route is greatest london flat? I’m planning to ride the route for charity this sunday and would be great to do it with some company!

This is the only PRL full event I see on ZwiftPower:

It’s 1.5 - 2.0 W/kg endurance-mode.

Give Zwift a chance to apply the correct descriptions, course etc - they copy the previous week’s events and then make changes as necessary

It will be as I stated, once the corrections are made