Update from iOS 14.6 to 15.7.5 on iPad 4 mini

Hi Zwifters,

after an update from iOS 14.6 to 15.7.5 on an iPad 4 mini Zwift doesn´t recognize my Tacx Flow Smart anymore. Is this a known problem? Any suggestions how to to solve the problem? Thanks in advance. Ride on!

Hi @Raimund_Luhr_ZRG welcome to Zwift forums.

Whenever you update iOS versions - it resets each app’s permissions to the default (more restrictive) setting.

In order for Zwift to use the Bluetooth radio chip - you have to go into iOS settings and give Zwift permission to access Locations Services. See this Apple Support site for how-to.

Would you loop back and let us know if that solved your problem? Thanks!

Hi Shuji,

Problem is solved. Though Zwift had permission to use bluetooth, it couldn’t find the Tacx. After I’ve switched off/on permission it worked. Thanks for the support👍