Update for Clubs?

It would be great if we please could get an update on the development of the clubs.

  • is anything still being developed?
  • when will “keep together” available?
  • etc.

Same would be great to get an update. Such a useful feature but looks like it’s been parked for other priorities. It will be nearly 6 months since the last clubs update.


“keep everyone together” for clubs is announced for this summer…

that’s good hopefully soon although personally not interested in it.

I’m more looking for improved notification controls is the main ask and better event setup/customisation would be great

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No response from Zwift

yep unfortnuately not. While other platforms are deliverying new features zwift takes months/years to devliery simple stuff. zhq confuses me sometimes .

Clubs has been around for nearly 18 months and barely seen any progress.

pretty fustrating.


Yes, if we could at least find out where the problem is or if any communication would take place at all, that would already be progress.

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