Pleased: What about Clubs?

No communications since month. Could someone from Zwift confirm, if development of Clubs are canceled? Please one hint, would bei enough.

I would say the complete lack of any communication about clubs even after many forum users have tagged Zwift staff to try and get some answers says it all… clubs is dead in the water… sadly :disappointed_relieved:


I fear you may be right. That’s just sad. Especially with features that must be ready to go, like the most requested “keep together” for club rides. Since this particular one is available on regular meetups all the technical requirements have to be in the game already, and a few folks at Zwift confirmed it has been tested. So, all that is missing is the toggle to enable it for club rides (which appears to be even there, but not enabled).

@Zwift I totally get priorities in software development change especially when resources and capacity changes, however it is also a fact, that completed and unreleased code and features are simply waste or some might call it “inventory”, in any case something you do not want! So even if you abandoned clubs (for now), please release what’s ready so it can be used, and produces value. The mentioned “keep together” would truly be a game changer for club rides!!!

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