Update and Launch Fail

Put a ticket in with a screen shot show the Error Z114 and launcher & log files two weeks ago and no response?  Until today, was able to login and still ride. No dice now and very frustrated at the lack of response from tech support. 

Since tech support doesn’t respond, any users out there know how to get the latest update to install on Windows 10? 


Are you talking about updating Zwift or WIndows 10?

Updating Zwift.  I’m running Windows 10 already and have been able to use Zwift off and on but get random errors such as the Z114.  Today I uninstalled Zwift and then reinstalled (I’ve had to do this upwards of 5 times in the last couple of months).  It worked and I was able to login and ride, sort of.

It crashed and froze my computer about 18 min into the ride.  I meet the minimum requirements, but this definitely isn’t a top end graphics card.