Update 1.29 Kickr Climb Win 11 Bluetooth issue

Hello guys,

sorry for my bad english .I´m using win11 and a bluetooth dongle for my kickr v5 and kickr climb set up. It worked very solid over a year with no dropouts. After the update i experience some strange dropouts with the climb. On exactly the same spots, mostly directions changes, terrain changes, the kickr climb is moving completly down for some seconds and goes up again with no reason. This couldn´t be a connection related issue because it is reproducable at exactly the same spots. I contacted the support already. Did anyone else have a problem like this? It´s frustrating because it kills every feel of realism.


FYI: the most current version of the game is 1.29.1.

Update your app, and also check for updates to your trainer firmware, and Windows drivers. Let us know how it goes after that.

Probably this: Brief loss of resistance after some turns in Watopia


Everything is up to date

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Yep seems to be the same issue

I’ve had the same issue, mostly in Watopia.
I emailed Zwift support, gave a very detailed of exactly what happened & where in the ride it happened and I attached the FIT file. I got boiler-plate responses (update firmware, calibrate yada yada yada) for a week of emails. After I asked for the third time if the tech support rep read my description of the problem I got a “so you have a problem with your Climb”. A different rep emailed me back telling me that he will let the developers know and get back to me. That was two weeks ago. Crickets since then.
It’s not our firmware, it’s not our BT connections, it’s not anything to do with us.
FWIW, I did not have the problem in France or London.

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Theoretically, when you folks pass those spots that trigger this, the trainer is being sent an interim elevation thats wildly different to the bits of road on either side. I think that data will reside in your fit file.

If you can provide me with your fit file and point me to a couple of times during an activity that this has occurred, I’d be keen to see if I can see any evidence. It’s probably a dead-end but keen to have a nosey.

I can’t figure out how to attach a FIT file.
Here’s a link to the activity

Here’s a description & the FIT file

Since the most recent game update, my Kickr Climb has been acting erratically at times. Overall the responses to gradient changes are not smooth and at times are very abrupt. There are times that the Climb will go up and down randomly. without a gradient change in the game. Look at my ride “Beach Island Loop X3, testing Kickr/Assioma PM power accuracy”. At ~37:07 - 37:36 I had random spikes. At ~43:53 the Climb dropped down & stayed down until I was out of the tunnel. Again ~47:55 I had random spikes up. There were several more of these incidents throughout the ride. This was not an issue prior to the update.
KickrV5/Climb via Wahoo Direct Connect
Apple TV4K hardwired to network.

(Attachment 2022-10-03-18-23-36(3).fit is missing)

DM’ed you.

Yes, i have absolutly the same problem. The climb doesn’t feel as smooth as before. On the same spots it goes down and up to normal again. They have to find a solution soon or i will cancel my subscription. Makes no fun without solid accuracy to race on zwift.

@Peter_Hig thanks for the file. Definitely nothing abnormal going in terms what the trainer is getting from Zwift - elevation is very consistent and not seeing any power/cadence drops in the times you mention.

Dave referenced a thread above where Cassio has found a discrepancy which could be what is causing your issues. I’d suggest you log this with support.zwift.com, bypass the Ambassadors and so you can send an an email and provide your log file (if you have access to it), fit file and the details you mentioned in your note to me around specific times etc. I’d also reference this thread and the one Dave referenced - might help to get visibility from Zwift.

I am having the same issue with my Kickr Bike! This occurs around intersections in Watopia. I see others mention that when in other worlds, this does not happen. I will be testing today.

In Neokyo i have the same problem. It is possible that the bluetooth protocol is broken. The result is an overall problem in any change of direction and terrain. The new update didn’t fix the problem.

Maybe this is a different issue than the loss of resistance.

I posted a patch for the new version here, you can test to know if this problem is also related to the new FTMS feature

I rode in Watopia today for the first time in a few weeks.
The issue with the Kickr Climb acting erratically was not present.
Gradient changes were smooth, and I did not have random changes.
I rode Three Little Sisters twice.

The feature causing this issue was disabled server side 5 days ago.

I did not experience loss of resistance, just abrupt, random changes in gradient that did not correspond to the terrain in Watopia. I did not have the problem in London.
Everything seemed fine today.

Since the maintenance on monday last week i experienced an input lag and a strange behaviour of the climb (goes randomly up and down without any reason) again. Can anyone cofirm this? Maybe the server performance is getting worse. I did a race yesterday on Makuri Island and it was a ■■■■ show.

I have the same issue with my climb as well. Randomly my climb drops down all of a sudden. Mostly while approaching intersections.